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II Project Monitoring Panel

Monitoring Panel

This panel aims to achieve an organizational system focused on teamwork. Specifically, the Kanban method gives us a better workflow by dividing a process into several perfectly defined phases.

Tenth delivery of agile brochures: Kanban

Kanban is a technique used in industry based on the Just In Time system designed to eliminate inefficiencies and waste from production processes. With this technique we will promote a “pull” of the work, causing it to flow smoothly. Kanban also brings to light those tasks that normally remain hidden.

Ninth delivery of agile brochures: LEAN

When we talk about Lean we mean a management model focused on creating flow to deliver the maximum value to customers. To do this, it uses the minimum amount of resources, that is, the necessary ones. Discover what are the principles on which it is based and the types of waste known.

Eighth delivery of agile brochures: Scaling

When we talk about agile scaling we mean multiple teams working together to develop a solution within an agile development framework, to deliver integrated increments within the same environment. Discover what are the latest and best known scaling frameworks that seek to solve the most common needs of this type of environment.

Seventh delivery of agile brochures: Technology

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment… This concern for the continuous whole pursues the same objective: the satisfaction of our customers. Find out what the difference is and what each of these practices for software development consists of with our seventh installment of agile chip decks. Technology today.