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Basic Kanban panel

With a Kanban panel we seek to visualize our workflow to understand how we move forward with it.  

Basic Scrum Panel

With the use of Visual Management, it is intended to enhance Scrum by promoting teamwork and focusing on the objectives of the product being developed.

Estimation Panel


If you work on agile projects you will surely love this summer gift that we bring. It is a panel of estimates so that your projects work in the purest Agile style.  

Digital Innovation and agile methodologies for CEOs and CIOs


1. How to start the digital transformation. 2. How to get faster. 3. How to build more projects in parallel. 4. How to improve the reliability and quality of the delivered.

First delivery of agile brochures: Scrum deck

Help your team using these summary brochure of the roles, ceremonies and artifacts of one of the most used agile frameworks in software construction. You can use them together, separately or only those you need at a specific time, other decks will soon be available. (Volume 1)