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Front factsheets: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & it’s enviroment

Ficha explicativa del árbol DOM: ¿Qué es? ¿Cómo manipularlo? Render Tree

Discover the frontend development in a simple way with these factsheets where we talk about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and its environment.

EBM: 15th delivery of agile factsheets

Evidence-Based Management definición

The Evidence-Based Management (EBM) approach measures the value delivered as evidence of organizational agility and provides ways to measure and improve the ability to deliver value.

Agile Sheets Collection

Varias fichas agile de diferentes temáticas sobre una mesa haciendo un abanico.

Compilation of Agile sheets condensed in a single file. Among the decks you will find cards oriented to Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, Visualization, Evidence-Based Management (EBM) or business.

Agile testing: 14th delivery of agile factsheets


Agile Testing is a set of collaborative testing practices that happen continuously, from project initiation to delivery. Agile testing support frequent delivery of value to our customers. Testing activities focus on building quality into the product, using fast feedback loops to validate our understanding. Practices strengthen and support the idea that the entire team is […]

Value Stream Mapping: 13th installment of agile factsheets


At Autentia we work with Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a tool used to see and understand a process and identify and recognize the sources of waste in order to subsequently try to eliminate or reduce them. With it, we have obtained a great improvement in customer experience.