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Cognitive biases: 12th delivery of agile factsheets


We have created 8 factsheets related to the most common cognitive biases we have identified working with development teams. The reason? The brain is an almost perfect machine, however, these biases, put limitations or condition our decisions, memory or calculations, for example.

Cross-Team Refinement Board

Cross-Team Refinement Board

The Cross-Team Refinement Board is a work visualization technique, where only the PBIs with existing dependencies between the teams that form the Nexus are shown.

Planning Poker Cards

Cartas planning poker

Agile estimation and agile planning, both propose several techniques to answer, at least roughly, the questions When will the project be ready? When will it be finished? One of the most effective and recognized techniques in the agile world is Planning Poker.

Agile Metrics: 11th delivery of Agile factsheets

Metricas Agiles

When a team begins the agile transition, it does so with one goal in mind: to transform itself to work better and deliver more value. But how can we know the effectiveness of this change process? If we want to be objective, we must rely on data, not beliefs. This is where metrics come into […]

II Project Monitoring Panel

Monitoring Panel

This panel aims to achieve an organizational system focused on teamwork. Specifically, the Kanban method gives us a better workflow by dividing a process into several perfectly defined phases.