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Development Support

Guaranteeing the stability of your software and improving its technical quality

Advice on projects startup

We work daily with the internal architecture teams of our clients, establishing a model that will provide stability to the project.

Definition of IT Architectures

We are experts defining architectures oriented to microservices, etl, nosql, BELK architecture, etc., helping numerous companies to improve the scalability and availability of their projects.

TDD, automatic testing and continuous integration

We build solid environments for the projects, working daily with the development teams.

Stable environtments to develop

We create development environments based on configuration management and process automation, and ensure code stability with continuous integration.

Continuous code review

We incorporate quality in the development cycle instead of at the end of the project, executing automatic analyzes and setting a minimum quality threshold.

Do you want to be in control of your projects?

Let's build a stable model together.

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