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JDK Copenhagen. Review and interviews

Amazing event in an wonderful city. It was filled with everything a developer can think of. To name a few: 

  • An opening talk to reflect on the data we share and will possibly made us regret it in the near future (still thinking about this talk).
  • Quick look of new languages such as Kotlin.
  • Live coding sessions using Spring Boot given by one of its contributors, one of the most popular Java frameworks nowadays.
  • Professionals talking about their experiences with the omnipresent cloud.


Controversy couldn’t be out of this even, and so Yegor Bugayenko brought powerful ideas against Java annotations. The future of Java: Java 9 and its new features, were the subject in lots of talks attendees could enjoy.

You may ask what can I tell about this event? Well, if you put together in one place a bunch of amazing people, incredible tasting food, all packed in this futuristic IT University of Copenhaguen, there’s only one possible outcome: success and good memories.



Por Adrián Peláez, Software engineer 03 Jul 2017