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Project L3G0, the path of transformation of Grupo ASV


GRUPO ASV is a family-owned business group, headquartered in Alicante, whose activity is focused on providing services throughout the life cycle of individuals. These services primarily revolve around three lines of business: Meridiano Seguros (specializing in funeral insurance), Funeral Services, and Medical Transportation.

From the outset, Grupo ASV expressed its need to collaborate with a provider of proven experience in governance and strategy, technology and methodology, and, of course, people and change management, always from an agile perspective.

“Grupo ASV contracted Autentia as the partner that brings the necessary knowledge and proven experience to accompany us in the process.” Sabrina Cruz Martínez – Director of Product and Innovation.


Supporting the Achievement of Strategic Goals

The L3G0 project arises as a strategic initiative of GRUPO ASV, framed within the corporate efficiency axis, which aims to ensure that OT processes and services have a clear customer orientation.

Under this premise, and with a focus on people as agents of change, the following objectives were established:

Promote mechanisms that facilitate knowledge management and collective learning. Investigate, experiment, innovate, test, and learn.

Incorporate mechanisms that promote customer-oriented services. Focus on what truly matters to them.

Improve and streamline technological processes and products. Go faster, farther, and beyond.


The Pillars of Change

After an exhaustive self-critique exercise in which a large part of the Organization and Technology team participated, a series of improvement opportunities were identified and ultimately structured into a prioritized action plan around the following three pillars:

– Define a new Organizational Model that helps achieve alignment with the company’s strategy and promotes communication, collaboration, and synergy among teams. A model that allows us to continue evolving with our business and environment.

– Standardize a product lifecycle that makes it possible to cover all stages of product creation, from the conception of an idea to its delivery.

– Define a reference technological framework that facilitates knowledge management, enables innovation management, and ensures operational continuity. A framework that helps us grow and evolve alongside the needs of our business.


Strong Foundations and a Common Culture Have Been Established to Continue Building Autonomously and with Confidence

From the Organization and Technology leadership, the following were defined and promoted:

– The creation of a technological framework and a uniform development cycle for all development teams.

– A flexible and agile organizational model that allows for adaptation to the company’s strategy and leaves room for innovation.

– Standardization of agile methodology practices with a focus on continuous improvement.

Many steps have been taken in each of these areas of work, and while improvement continues, tangible results have been achieved thanks to:

– Having the support of the company’s leadership.

– Having a motivated team that believes in change and serves as evangelists to the rest of the teams.

– Setting quarterly objectives that are achievable and measurable.

– Periodic communication of achievements and next steps.

– Having a plan of prioritized initiatives to achieve the objectives defined in the model, guiding the course of the Organization and Technology area.

– Conducting retrospectives with department teams to fuel continuous improvement and make necessary adjustments.

– Understanding that people are the axis of change.

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