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At Autentia we help other companies software development in a different way, because we believe that it can be done better. We want to change the consulting industry and after years of good practices and selecting the best people for our team, we are achieving it. We try to make each development an interesting challenge.

We love learning and updating the knowledge, to archive this we have a detailed OnBoarding process. We promote internal talks, specialized training and tutorials that we share in our blog www.adictosaltrabajo.com.

What can we give you?

  • A comfortable working environment, an office in which we have taken care of the spaces to take a break.
  • You will find colleagues who want to learn, regardless of their age or experience, who like technology and software development. In addition, one of our obligations is to help colleagues whenever it is needed.
  • We strive to be referents in the application of good development practices. You will work with Extreme Programming: TDD, Pair Programing, Continuous Integration, Refactoring…
  • You will have an individual formation budget and working days to invest in: courses, attendance at events, creation of tutorials and talks, etc.
  • Macbook Pro computers with good auxiliary screens. But if you are more of Linux or Windows, we will provide you a good Slimbook.
  • Flexible schedule to make your personal life compatible. You will own your time!
  • Coffee, soda and fresh fruit always available in the kitchen.
  • And also: ticket restaurant, health insurance and physiotherapy services in the office.


What will you do?

  • Direct high complexity projects leading the way in the definition of the architecture and construction of the pilot so that the development comes to fruition. Once the development is finished, we make punctual revisions, we do not enter into infinite maintenance phases.
  • Lead development teams: guide the team, resolve queries and be a technical reference.
  • Guide teams giving support during development: within a project we provide technical and methodological support, we ensure that good practices are followed throughout the project’s life cycle.
  • Have a strategic global vision of the project or business helping to define the product to the business people with a complete technical vision.
  • Perform technical audits: as experts in software development, we diagnose problems raised by the client and propose alternatives.
  • If you like it, you can give specialized trainings or talks at events. Sharing knowledge is part of our essence.

Some examples of what you will use:

  • Java technologies for the backend part. Always with frameworks like Spring Boot or Micronaut.
  • Patterns and principles of software design: SOLID, KISS, DRY…
  • Modern architecture patterns: microservices, hexagonal architecture, circuit breaker, serverless, service mesh, etc.
  • Cloud Native applications prepared to run in docker containers on Kubernetes.
  • Automation of deployments with Terraform, Ansible, HELM…
  • Frontend technologies depending on the project: Angular, React, Vue.
  • Tools to verify code quality like SonarQube.
  • Continuous integration tools such as Gitlab CI or Jenkins.
  • Many more technologies and tools depending on the project and its needs: Kotlin, Maven, Git, Hibernate, elasticsearch, Kafka, APMs, jMeter, reactive programming…

You don’t need to know about all these technologies. At the rate the technology world changes, learning is part of the job! We are also interested in your experience on a personal level, if you have made an app, if you have a personal blog, if you have researched on your own or if you like parachuting, we want to meet you, not just your CV, everything will be well received!

Do you accept the challenge?

The selection process consists of three phases in which it is sought to evaluate the candidate objectively. We include a technical challenge in which you can exhibit not only your experience but also your self-learning capacity and your way of thinking.

Do you have a different profile?

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