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Laying the foundations of a banking services architecture


Orange Bank S.A., branch in Spain, is a company created in 2019 by the telephone operator Orange, as a subsidiary of Orange Bank, which has provided its financial services in France since 2017.

Orange Bank in Spain was created as an initiative to establish an architecture of banking services that can be easily extended and extrapolated to other countries.

Orange Bank hired Autentia to provide the necessary technical support and lay the foundations for this new banking services architecture in 2018 and help develop and standardize a way of working, based on them.


Define and build the technological bases.

Autentia has been part of the Orange Bank Spain project almost since its inception, providing support at very different levels and where a technical profile has been needed, appropriate to our knowledge and the bank’s needs, at all times.

In this sense, the Orange Bank project has been a challenge in itself because there were not many previous conditions and there were no inherited components, the start-up was literally a blank page.

From providing the technical vision in the supplier selection processes, to the construction of the artifacts that serve as the basis of the architecture of the banking services, complying with the European regulations of new means of payment, going through the development support in the teams technicians who have been trained, Autentia has actively participated in the project, in all its phases.


Microservices oriented banking architecture.

Due to the tight lead-time to production, a development model was sought that would encourage the delivery of all equipment in parallel, minimizing blockages and interdependencies.

This model is based on a microservices architecture with asynchronous event communication, trunk based development, automated construction and deployment of software and infrastructure, continuous delivery and simplicity.

A lot of emphasis has also been placed on maintaining quality through metrics, cross-reviews, and most of all, testing: unit, integration, acceptance, and E2E.


Good foundations and a common culture have been forged so that we can continue to build with autonomy and confidence

From the architecture chapter, common libraries and ways of working were developed, applying it together with the squads to a proof of concept that exceeded expectations.

From there, the main role of Autentia has been to develop functionalities from within the teams, acting as technical leaders and promoting and fostering the principles and values of Orange Bank.

We believe that we have achieved the objective of disseminating experience and knowledge so that Orange Bank continues on its path with confidence and autonomy.

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