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Introduce agile methodologies in your project

Customized digital transformation plan

We elaborate an implementation and training customised plan, based on the Lean principles, to introduce methodologies like Scrum, Kanban or eXtreme Programming.

Agile methodologies and digital transformation

Time to market improvement

Delivering value to the market as soon as possible.


Continuous deliveries

Reducing waiting times.


Management audit

Between projects and business areas.


Quality indicators

To enhance user satisfaction.

Agile Coaching and Mentoring

Through these techniques we help to introduce agile methodologies, both at corporate and technical level, working hand in hand with development teams.

Scrum, Kanban and
eXtreme Programming

We analyze your product technical quality and help you to recover the lost productivity.

Good practice process

Improve the quality of your code with DevOps and TDD

It is indispensable that the teams acquire skills that ensure the quality, like TDD, continuous integrations or code quality control techniques.

Enterprise-scale frameworks. SAFe, Nexus, LeSS and DaD

In Autentia we are experts in implantation of agile methodologies enterprise scalation, enhancing continuous delivery with reduced waiting times. We know different frameworks that we will use as reference.

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