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Frequently asked questions about Training

If there were fewer people in the course, could it be cheaper?

The price of the course is not calculated by the number of people but by teaching. For the optimal performance of the course and that the students can take more advantage of it, we recommend a capacity of 8 to 10 people, although there can be a maximum of 15 students. If you need a higher capacity, contact us so we can adapt.

If it is outside of Madrid, what would be the cost?

It would be necessary to add the cost of the displacement, accommodation and meals of the instructor during the days of the training. This management can be done by us or it can be organised by the person who hires the training, we adapt .

Can I adjust the table of contents to our needs?

All of our courses can be customized, so that it adapts to the needs of the client, contact us so that we can suggest you a specific offer based on your particular needs.

Can this course be for a single person?

The courses are designed for groups. It could be given to only one person, but the price would be the same. It is common for several people or companies to agree to request training.

Can you get bonuses with the FUNDAE?

We are registered in the state register of training entities, so that all our training can be subsidized by the FUNDAE?.

What is done if we do not have a training room?

Depending on the size of the group we can offer two alternatives, conduct it in our facilities or manage (in addition to the cost of the course) to conduct it in a room that suits the need (location, number of people, etc).

Can I know the trainer's experience?

In Autentia there is no staff dedicated exclusively to training. All technical staff of Autentia develops its work leading and developing projects, combining these tasks with training or mentoring. This way, the customer of our training services gains the advantage of real experience in the development of projects, which undoubtedly enriches the content of the courses delivered to the attendant. However, once the training dates are closed, we can give an extract of the experience of the instructor who will teach it.

Do you still have more questions?

Contact us at info@autentia.com.

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